28 June 2013

tumblr love II

... as promised. tumblr part II about more summer must do's & have's. it's all about lollipops, days in the desert, meet and greets in a bathtube, leather, some pastell grunge & flower headbands.

20 June 2013

tumblr love I

in the past weeks i fell in love with tumblr. click here to see all pics! & below you can enjoy a sneak peak of my inspirations for a perfect summer. dope beach days, red lips, american roadtrips, sexy badass gosling & wild nights out ...

... to be continued!

13 June 2013

isabel marant x h&m

best news of the week!!!
 i simply adore the designs of lady marant. after some rather tawdry collaborations with fashion guardian anna dello russo or versace, i'm really happy about this one. maybe i even queue up in front of the h&m in the early hours.

celebrate good times ... come on!

happy birthday to the olsen twins! let's clink glasses to the best dressed sisters of all time.

29 March 2013


i'm totally addicted to instagram. below you can see pictures taken in maastricht, london & cologne from the past two months. & yes i got tickets for the mrs carter worldshow in berlin, still can't believe it. whoop whoop. follow me: juli_pie


21 March 2013

roses, roses ...

once a year my lovely little town maastricht hosts the tefaf - one of the leading artfairs in the world. three years ago brad bitt honoured the happening. this year it was kanye west & me. our actual exam hall was transformed into a shimmering sea of pink, white & orange roses and expensive art objects. it's really worth a visit!

my top picks:
absolute favourite: 'dream of drowning' (2010-2012) painted by jan worst! at first sight i thought it is a photography.

 the mondrian dress by yves saint laurent (1965)  

12 March 2013

london town

last weekend i was in london with my sister. a la made in chelsea we shopped up to the last farthering, had a lot of fun and enjoyed the beautiful city sights. selfridges staged a circus week with free candy floss - it tasted delicious & a lot of promotional offers. for the vintage lovers bricklane is a well known shopping destination. my secret tip: visit the sunday up market, of course only on sundays. in an old warehouse you can buy clothes from very talented young designers and fill your belly with yummi food. 

additionally we solved a mystery: we asked half of london for the original store of the brand 'london boy' and no one seemed to even know about its existence. on our very last day we finally found the store called SICK due to the help of a crazy vintage seller; thanks again! you can find the store in redchurch street, close to the end of bricklane.

& for those who didn't notice: my new favourite accessory  - grandmas fur stola!