28 June 2013

tumblr love II

... as promised. tumblr part II about more summer must do's & have's. it's all about lollipops, days in the desert, meet and greets in a bathtube, leather, some pastell grunge & flower headbands.

20 June 2013

tumblr love I

in the past weeks i fell in love with tumblr. click here to see all pics! & below you can enjoy a sneak peak of my inspirations for a perfect summer. dope beach days, red lips, american roadtrips, sexy badass gosling & wild nights out ...

... to be continued!

13 June 2013

isabel marant x h&m

best news of the week!!!
 i simply adore the designs of lady marant. after some rather tawdry collaborations with fashion guardian anna dello russo or versace, i'm really happy about this one. maybe i even queue up in front of the h&m in the early hours.

celebrate good times ... come on!

happy birthday to the olsen twins! let's clink glasses to the best dressed sisters of all time.