28 September 2012

o zapft' is

in the early morning i hit the road off to munich. i will be back on sunday evening. until then i will enjoy the beautiful city and a lot of beer at the oktoberfest. please be patient with me concerning new posts.


26 September 2012


once in a while fashion designer come together to share their newest masterpieces with the world. the spectacle started early in september in new york and now comes slowly to an end in paris. in this and the upcoming posts i will reveal my favourite runway looks from the four fashion capitals. starting with new york!


for their spring 2013 collection marchesa found inspiration in india. they designed beautiful dresses composed of opalescent colours, embroideries and golden ornaments. as if that weren't enough georgina chapman and keren craig mixed the lace dresses and saris with a sixties vibe. i especially love the dark red (oxred!) beaded dress with the fringes.

oscar de la renta:

oscar de la renta is a master of restaging. i adore his classic designs combined with striking crochet work, feather elements and tulle. as every year the pompous ball gowns closed the show. this time i enjoyed the sheath dresses and suits even more. for upcoming spring i would love to call the cream peplum skirt combined with the floral top mine.

jason wu:

above you can see my personal love story: leather meets lace. first of all i want to thank helmut newton for inspiring jason! the designs are plainly fabulous. the erotic influence of newton's pictures is obvious: scarce skirts and dresses, lingerie elements, bustiers, leather, lace and a lof of tulle. i'm totally in love with the dark blue dress with the 'stardust' on it. stardust. stardust. stardust ... can't get it out of my mind.

25 September 2012

nasty autumn

as already mentioned in my last post, autumn is coming. i took the initiative and went through my favourite three online stores to look for perfect outfit combinations. lean back and enjoy.

pastel affairs.
candy colours for everyone. i just loved the pastel designs from recent summer - therefore i'm not willing to let them go again. for upcoming autumn and winter i would combine them with some tough pieces as black leather jackets and biker boots. my favourite piece from nasty gal at the moment is the grey fur jacket - such an eye catcher.

barock 'n' roll.
whether it is dolce & gabanna or john galliano, all go back into the 17th century. an earlier decade composed of decadence and kitsch. i really like the jacquard patterns, the flashy garnishment and beaded accessories. since i'm not the person who would go for a complete rokoko outfit, i would combine some selected pieces with leather pants or studded boots. (just had to put the chloé boots into the mash-up, even though one cannot buy them at asos)

leather + oxblood.
as you may have noticed by now, i'm a black girl. i do like colourful outfits but still need some black in it. at pixie market i found my new favourite colour palette: black with oxblood. the dark red just matches perfectly with the black. i especially like the dress with the silver sequins skirt and transparent maxi layered upon it. yeah it is a little bit early- but it has high potential to become my new silvester dress.

24 September 2012

dip dye // dip die

more and more girls dip their hair in the big paint pot and show their colours around. some of them remind me of the 'my little pony' version with the multi-coloured mane, still others just look awesome (see mashup above). i personally love the ombre version, since it is more suitable for daily life. memo: next project for my hair - ombre dip dye.

how you can look awesome:

  • the brave ones can use directions. they tincture the hair directly and later grow out of the hair. if you have brown or even darker hair you should be cautious about applying a light colour as pink. you first need to dye the hair blond, otherwise the directions turn out as lila or something totaly different.

  • for the ones who just want to try the new look for several occassions, i would suggest the colour bug of kevin murphy. you can buy it online for 22€ and choose between three colours: pink, lila and orange (still missing my favourite for darker hair: turquoise). the bug reminds of rouge powder and can be easily applied and later washed out.

  • for the diy lovers pastel crayon can be used to colour the hair. just use a little bit of water to damp the beginning of the crayon and paint your hair. (i will definitely try this with turquoise!)

but remember: one colour at a time.

slipper obsession

in the recent month i discovered my profound love for slippersat the back of people's mind, the shoes sometimes remind them of grandpa scuffs. in my mind they are masterpieces that can be worn to every occasion. since i don't really like the shape of ballerinas anymore (maybe i just got tired of them), they provide a perfect alternative for boots or high heels. below you can find outfit combinations with my favourites!

velvet slipper - alexander mc queen; leather tote - valentino; asymmetric pullover - inhabit; 
leather leggings - stouls (all seen on mytheresa.com)

embroidered slipper - alexander mcqueen; midday tote - balenciaga; shirt - yves saint laurent; 
metallic skinny jeans - current/ elliott (all seen on mytheresa.com)

zebra fur slipper - gucci; coated suede leggings - helmut lang; vanilla blouse - chloé; necklace - 
aurélie bidermann (all seen on mytheresa.com)

fur slipper - avec modération; haircalf jacket - by marlene birger; suede bag - miu miu; 
boyfriend jeans - j brand (all seen on mytheresa.com

23 September 2012

be aware ...

thousands of blogs out there - one more to come.

i decided to write a blog to give the world wide web a sneek peak of my life, my inspirations and my passion for fashion. first question that pops up: what's in it for you? well, you can expect a lot of blah blah blah and even more blah blah as in every blog around the globe. or maybe you get inspired, carried away, confronted, motivated and a lot more. we'll see ...

stay tuned and remember:
be aware of the new girl in town!

boots - doc martens; leather leggings - zara; parka - bershka; shirt - diy; sunglasses - h&m: my lovely fur hat - vintage