25 September 2012

nasty autumn

as already mentioned in my last post, autumn is coming. i took the initiative and went through my favourite three online stores to look for perfect outfit combinations. lean back and enjoy.

pastel affairs.
candy colours for everyone. i just loved the pastel designs from recent summer - therefore i'm not willing to let them go again. for upcoming autumn and winter i would combine them with some tough pieces as black leather jackets and biker boots. my favourite piece from nasty gal at the moment is the grey fur jacket - such an eye catcher.

barock 'n' roll.
whether it is dolce & gabanna or john galliano, all go back into the 17th century. an earlier decade composed of decadence and kitsch. i really like the jacquard patterns, the flashy garnishment and beaded accessories. since i'm not the person who would go for a complete rokoko outfit, i would combine some selected pieces with leather pants or studded boots. (just had to put the chloƩ boots into the mash-up, even though one cannot buy them at asos)

leather + oxblood.
as you may have noticed by now, i'm a black girl. i do like colourful outfits but still need some black in it. at pixie market i found my new favourite colour palette: black with oxblood. the dark red just matches perfectly with the black. i especially like the dress with the silver sequins skirt and transparent maxi layered upon it. yeah it is a little bit early- but it has high potential to become my new silvester dress.

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