26 September 2012


once in a while fashion designer come together to share their newest masterpieces with the world. the spectacle started early in september in new york and now comes slowly to an end in paris. in this and the upcoming posts i will reveal my favourite runway looks from the four fashion capitals. starting with new york!


for their spring 2013 collection marchesa found inspiration in india. they designed beautiful dresses composed of opalescent colours, embroideries and golden ornaments. as if that weren't enough georgina chapman and keren craig mixed the lace dresses and saris with a sixties vibe. i especially love the dark red (oxred!) beaded dress with the fringes.

oscar de la renta:

oscar de la renta is a master of restaging. i adore his classic designs combined with striking crochet work, feather elements and tulle. as every year the pompous ball gowns closed the show. this time i enjoyed the sheath dresses and suits even more. for upcoming spring i would love to call the cream peplum skirt combined with the floral top mine.

jason wu:

above you can see my personal love story: leather meets lace. first of all i want to thank helmut newton for inspiring jason! the designs are plainly fabulous. the erotic influence of newton's pictures is obvious: scarce skirts and dresses, lingerie elements, bustiers, leather, lace and a lof of tulle. i'm totally in love with the dark blue dress with the 'stardust' on it. stardust. stardust. stardust ... can't get it out of my mind.

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