24 September 2012

dip dye // dip die

more and more girls dip their hair in the big paint pot and show their colours around. some of them remind me of the 'my little pony' version with the multi-coloured mane, still others just look awesome (see mashup above). i personally love the ombre version, since it is more suitable for daily life. memo: next project for my hair - ombre dip dye.

how you can look awesome:

  • the brave ones can use directions. they tincture the hair directly and later grow out of the hair. if you have brown or even darker hair you should be cautious about applying a light colour as pink. you first need to dye the hair blond, otherwise the directions turn out as lila or something totaly different.

  • for the ones who just want to try the new look for several occassions, i would suggest the colour bug of kevin murphy. you can buy it online for 22€ and choose between three colours: pink, lila and orange (still missing my favourite for darker hair: turquoise). the bug reminds of rouge powder and can be easily applied and later washed out.

  • for the diy lovers pastel crayon can be used to colour the hair. just use a little bit of water to damp the beginning of the crayon and paint your hair. (i will definitely try this with turquoise!)

but remember: one colour at a time.

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